More changes…

I feel like the past few weeks have just been a whirlwind. We haven’t been terribly busy, but emotionally it has been a little draining. We have constantly been talking about what our next move should be and trusting that the Lord will provide. It is so amazing to watch God work in our lives when we have the patience to listen and obey (easier said than done). Thankfully, Scott is much more patient than I am and has been content to wait and let God’s plan unfold. Ultimately we have felt lead to start our own business although the timing just doesn’t seem good. Scott wants to go back to building houses, which most of you know seems crazy right now. However, in the last couple of weeks he already has two houses in Guthrie to build and a couple of other prospects. The way things are coming together is just so amazing and affirming. We are still nowhere close to our previous income, but we are continuing to trust that things will fall into place as our needs arise.

On that note, we decided to put our house on the market and downsize. Our plan is to build a smaller, cheaper house in Guthrie and reduce our mortage significantly. This should help us get our business up and running without the additional stress of worrying about money. We will be sad to leave our first house, especially since Scott built it, but know we are making a wise decision.

In baby news, I am still pregnant :). This shouldn’t be the case for long though. We are more ready than ever to see our sweet girl. I’m pretty sure we have everything we could possibly need to bring her home. We are all SO excited.

So, we are starting a new business, having a new baby, selling our house, and building a new one, hopefully all this summer. Whew, its exhuasting just typing it!

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