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S is for Sun

“Jesus is the light of the world.”  These were Liberty’s “words to remember” last week.  When I asked her what these words meant she answered, “You are walking in darkness.  Jesus comes and He asks “Do you want to be in … Continue reading

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Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week

This week is Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week.  In the year and a half since our daughter died, I haven’t been very outspoken about the disease or what is happening in the field as far as research goes.  Truthfully, its because … Continue reading

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I’m a little bit of a Christian

A few nights ago I put Liberty to bed in her own room, which we rarely do.  She still sleeps with us most of the time.  Since we don’t make her sleep in her room very often, I never know … Continue reading

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The Creation – Our first week of Kindergarten

Liberty and I had an amazing week as we started our journey together as teacher and student.  The first 10 days of our curriculum is designed to introduce all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 1-7.  Since Liberty … Continue reading

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Guthrie Homecoming

Scott and I have been waiting for football season just so we could take Liberty to her first high school football game.  Last night was our Guthrie High School Homecoming.  Scott and I decided this would be a perfect game … Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend

Since this was officially our last weekend before Liberty started school, we tried to make it extra special for her.  Although our schedule won’t change much, I wanted her to feel the significance of the end of summer and the … Continue reading

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Liberty Grace

Now that I have a newborn who is constantly growing and changing, it is easy to forget that my big girl is growing and changing too.  So, I am going to make it a point to update about Liberty specifically … Continue reading

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Scott Haas Construction

I am so unbelievably proud of my husband that I am going to use an entire post to brag about him :).  Two months after Scott was laid off from his job working for a commercial construction company, we decided … Continue reading

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