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D is for Dinosaur!

“Big and small, God made them all.” Dionosuars!  How could this unit not be fun!  When we started this unit I was a little worried about how I would explain creation vs evolution to a 5 year old and I had … Continue reading

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The Oklahoma Territorial Museum

Yesterday I took Liberty to the Oklahoma Territorial Museum to learn a little about the history of Oklahoma and to celebrate Oklahoma becoming a state on November 16, 1907.  The museum is primarily dedicated to what life was like in the Oklahoma … Continue reading

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Halloween 2009

I LOVE getting the girls dressed up!  This year Liberty decided she wanted to be a cheerleader…again.  I decided to dress Emory as a cheerleader as well.  Of course, if my girls were going to be dressed as cheerleaders, they had … Continue reading

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U is for Us

God made us Wonderful! This unit Liberty focused on the letter U.  Each week we are giving special attention to one letter while continuing to work on other reading a writing skills.  This unit took us a little longer than normal because … Continue reading

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Four Months Old

This post is a little late because we were out of town, but our Emory is four months old!  I say it every month, but I can’t believe it!  Time is flying by SO fast.  She is currently at one … Continue reading

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Free Printables!

I have added a new link to my blog so I can share some of the material I have created for Liberty.  Just click on the links under Printables to view and print the material.  Please print all you want.  … Continue reading

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