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Emory Walking…again

Since my last post about Emory walking, I’ve caught her testing her new skills more often.  Now she will walk without our prompting when she is confident she can let go and make it to the next object in just a … Continue reading

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The Orr Family Farm

Even though I hate the idea of winter, I love our Fall traditions.  The girls and I always go to a pumpkin patch in the Fall.  This year I wanted to go before it got too cold.  It was pretty … Continue reading

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Emory is Walking!

She still isn’t very good and she will only do it if we prompt her, but she CAN walk!  She has been able to make it half way across our dining room.  She can also stop and start going again.  … Continue reading

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Emory Ayn 15 months…ish

This update comes at a random time since Emory is 15.3 months old.  However, she is doing so many cute things lately that I just had to share.  One of my absolute favorites is that she has actually started trying … Continue reading

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Who made God?

This is a discussion that I have been having with Liberty lately.  The most recent conversation went like this…WARNING:  the following conversation contains highly intellectual and scientific content as well as deep spiritual and biblical insight! Last night we were … Continue reading

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