Archer is 3 months old!

It is safe to say our sweet boy has had a rough month. He was admitted to Baptist again on March 4 for fever and respiratory distress. A wicked virus topped with pnuemonia lead to acute respiratory failure. He was on the ventilator for 5 days and in the hospital a total of 9 days. Overall, I think he recovered quite quickly, but it was really scary and exhuasting for all of us. We are unsure why he seems to be so susceptible to respiratory illnesses. Even now he is still wheezing.
First day on the ventilator

His illnesses haven’t kept him from growing though. Archer is now 13lbs 10 oz and 24.2 in long! Everyone keeps telling me how big he is, but really he is just average–50th percentile in both length and weight. He is exclusively wearing 3-6 months clothes. I can’t wait to see those chubby little legs in shorts!
His little eyebrows turn red when he is excited or upset

Archer is the happiest little baby ever. He has the sweetest personality and is quick to smile and even giggle now and then. Last night at dinner, Scott was talking and he literally burst out laughing. It caught all of us by surprise, espcially Scott, who hadn’t heard him laugh yet. Soooooo cute.

He likes being held a lot. Being in the hospital hasn’t helped with this and neither has the fact that I just like holding him. He does tend to get fussy if left alone for too long. Good thing he has so many people around who just love to entertain him.

His favorite activity right now is sucking on his hands. His loves his binky, but when its not available, his hands will usually do the trick. He’s very excited to have enough control over his arms to get them to his mouth at will ;).

My favorite thing about him is this sweet smile. His whole face lights up when he smiles. It’s just the best.
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