Lillyfield – The Name

You can blame it on my obsession with Gone with the Wind and the romantic notion of sweeping plantations and Jane Austen and her depiction of country cottages and sprawling estates. A proper place needs a name.  If nothing else it satisfies my longing for the decency, decorum, an propriety of days gone by.

We named our little piece of land Lillyfield for two reasons.  The previous owner (who passed away this past Christmas) spent nearly 40 years on that land.  With the exception of the massive oak trees, every tree, bush and flower on the lot was planted by him and his family.  Among the trees and plants, he planted hundreds of orange lilies along the back of the property and even built a garden dedicated solely to these beautiful flowers.  Naturally, it seemed fitting to take this into consideration when naming our property.  Our middle daughter is also named Lilly.  She died 4 years ago at the age of 20 months.  It is a perfect memorial to our sweet girl who is no longer with us.

The name Lillyfield reminds us of the past and honors our daughter. We are blessed to call it our own.

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